Rails vs Django Part 1

Here’s the how both Django and Rails pan from my point of view. Here are the differences between them


  • Ruby > Python (only due to more syntactic sugar)
  • Migrations (will try not to screw and existing database while altering it)
  • script/generate (destructive commands that should be carefully constructed in config files instead)
  • Gems (Library polution; does my colleague have gemX?)


  • Models (the models are proper representations of schemas, a complex application can start off small and in one model.py but the split out and then imported)
  • Migrations (not that I can find, might have to destroy data then recreate unfortunately)
  • Admin Panel (this is the most amazing thing i’ve seen, just after creating your models you can access a gui that will test whether you have build your relationships correctly; with validation which follows the model spec)
  • Templates (django templates, can be considered on a par to .erb files)
  • Python (is stricter than ruby, good and bad, the good is that almost eveything is in python, whereas rails needs to completment itself with yaml files for configs)
  • Config files and model, application files, just the fule structure in general encourages writing bits from scratch albeit simple code at first but which can grow more smoothly than a rails application built with command pinches.
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