Textmate bundles are offline

Just as I’m showing a colleague how many bundles there are for text the link to the svn browse function is down.

Does anyone know if that is on purpose and the svn access is still up or is there a different location to retrieve them from?

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Apple is creating a flash alternative

Apple is creating a Flash alternative called Gianduia and it does not require plugin. That’s an interesting development but the main forte of flash is the CS4 IDE. The plugin may suck but CS4 does a better job than manipulating xml with a text editor for sure.

Just release a decent ide please Apple, something similar to Microsoft’s Expression Blend.

Possible and animation system added to xcode would be the step they are heading towards.

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What Pacman the movie should (and most probably wont be)

There are rumours of a Pacman movie out there.

But as I see it, it will be a childs movie, possibly in 3d aimed at people who used to play pacman. I sense total failure with that premise.

If they did it right it would be a movie about Jason Statham as a cop inflitrating a rave to find and arrest the organisers but instead he’s forced to fight off vampyres that are exhuming themselves from the catacombs that the rave is situated over the top of.

I order the fight the vampires he takes the drugs that are freely available at the location (speed and pills with silver and garlic in the ingredients).

It would fit perfectly, Jason Statham is the perfect Bald actor :D he’s ‘ard can easily beat up ghouls and vampyres (such as Edward Cullen) and for pills to be freely available it would have to be somewhere in the real world where drugs are freely available.

So imagine this Pacman (live action) = Crank + Ghosts.

I would watch it.

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