How to create random passwords for PunBB in mysql

When you have imported users from another database, you will want to create random password for them to use.

The solution is to create a random password and then hash that.

ALTER TABLE users ADD random_password VARCHAR(50);
update users set random_password = SUBSTRING(MD5(RAND()) FROM 1 FOR 8);
update users set password = SHA1(random_password);

For the sake of mass emailing or notification of their new password the random_password field is left in.

Once the users start trickling in, one should remove the random_password row.

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Now this is exactly what is needed rather than the OLPC

This is a $20 computer which hooks up to a tv via an RF cable.

Seems quite retro but uses cheaply sourced modern parts, and combined with a tv which many poorer countries have should be able to reduce costs as opposed to them having to buy a device with a LCD screen integrated into it.


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Multiplugin installer with more plugin goodness

Here is another update to my multiplugin installer.

MultiPlugins Installer

Basically it’s a simple zip file with a manifest and all the best firefox plugins of the moment these are ideal for general web use but mostly for web development use.

Pick it up whilst it’s hot.

This latest release includes,



Along with some of the previous version which have been updated and packaged.

Feel free to use this whenever you get a fresh install of firefox.

Please suggest any other useful plugins for this “distro”.

Thanks again to Mark Kolich for the jquery tip.

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New Holiday Comparison Engine

There are a number of comparison search engines in the market place, but very few that are tailored toward holidays. Having a keen interest in travel and having a number of contacts in the industry I pleased to be involved in a project to build one.

You can Compare Holidays here at It searches over 100k hotels and millions of offers from high street agents. It works very quickly and returns results almost instantly after making a search. This is due to the beefy VPS it runs on and the high speed data center it connects to to get the latest prices. I think this is probably the best feature of the site as comparing with other comparison engines of this type it certainly out performs them on speed. The interface makes good use of the javascript libraries such as jQuery and cufon. The search follows you around and remembers your previous search results, so narrowing down your search is efficient and easy. For the not techs among you, jQuery is primarily used to do all those fancy effects you see when clicking about on a website. The price slider, searching overlay, scroll follow of the search box and more are all done with jQuery. I was quite cautious at first about using a library providing a higher level of abstraction but since starting I just loved it and have never stopped using it. It is so complete as well, you’ll never find it falling short on anything you might want to code. Cufon is a great little library that allows you to use non-standard fonts by rendering them on a canvas on the client side. Untill css3 comes out this is probably the best way to get your copy looking outstanding on your site.

Any feedback on the functionality or the style of the site would be much appreciated. As would any advice on good ways to market it!

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iphone games are the same as mac games

or so they should be!!

A game the fully utilises an iphones capability can easily be ported to mac os x; unless it’s a touchy feelly app of course.

There’s a tip for you: Steam is the Mac’s equivalent of the app store for mac (unfortunately apple haven’t thought of making the app store available for mac apps yet)

So if you have an app that is very pretty on graphics, or even fun (shocker)!! Just compile it for the mac, of course change the control scheme as the trackpad isn’t much use when you can’t see what you are controlling using touch controls.

Here’s where you want to go to release a full sized mac game.

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iRiver Story eBook

Iriver are Constantly updating the firmware and adding new features to this product, the Iriver Story uses a revolutionary E-Ink display, Which takes no power to display a page – it only consumes energy when you change page. Hence, you can not measure battery life in hours, you use page turns (over 7000 page turns on one charge) In terms of compatibility, it’s got all the bases covered. EPUB, PDF & TXT formats cover the labor for commercial ebooks, while also displays the Story office files like DOC, XLS & PPT. For comics & graphic novels, JPEG, BMP and GIF image types are supported (8 shade greyscale)

iRiver Story ebook

It’s also audio enabled – with a headphone output and built in speaker, you’ll use it for audiobooks, or to play music – a key feature being it’s Ability to Maintain playback while you read a book. You’ll also use the integrated voice recorder to take notes or record interviews & readings.

iRiver Story eBook

In stark contrast to most eBooks on the market, the story has a full Qwerty Keyboard, Allowing you to modify documents and take notes, use the onboard Diary and scheduler.You ‘ll have plenty of storage too. It has a class-leading 2GB of onboard flash memory, enough for around 1500 eBooks – and that’s without using the onboard SD card slot to add as much memory as you require. Just think about the weight of 1500 books, let alone the paper saved by carrying them all in one little electronic device.

Key Features:

  • 6 “E-ink display (800×600), 8 gray scale
  • E-Book Viewer: EPUB, PDF
  • Office Viewer: TXT, DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS
  • Comic Viewer: ZIP (JPEG, BMP, GIF)
  • Qwerty Keyboard Support
  • Mp3 player, Voice Recorder
  • SD card slot (SDHC up to 32GB)
  • 2GB built-in NAND
  • Diary, Memo, Scheduler
  • External Speaker: 0.6W mono
  • USB 2.0 Device
  • WiFi (Option)

This post iRiver Story eBook brough to by Internet Technology

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