Codeigniter is great!! But sometimes codeugbuter is a good enough search in google!!

Google must be doing a nearest key search in it’s search algorithm!

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Project Free TV, Again…

I have recently have bought the domain name and plan to replicate someting similar to Project Free TV. My rational is that domain name matches seem to fare pretty well in search engine result pages and the broad term “List Of Episodes” has 0.5m monthly hits on Google – the majority ending up on wikipedia pages. Searching for “List Of Episodes” on Yahoo returns the domain on the first page, which is great to see. Google however is no so easy too fool and won’t consider the site until it has built  some reputation. This comes down to SEO and backlinking. There are many theories on how to do good SEO. The onsite stuff is pretty simple – make the site structure sensible and spider friendly, use unique titles and descripton, use title and alt parameters well etc etc etc. However, this won’t give you the edge alone. What comes next is building a natural looking link profile. How? Well never pay an SEO, pay a web designer. Build a site that is relevant and quality and the backlinks will come!!!

So, that’s where you come in. To make the site relevant and quality I need feedback. I need to know what you like from similar sites? What similar sites lack? What about the design makes you want to vomit? What is working well? List Of Episodes is taking its first steps and I hope you feel you’d benefit in following its development. I have just added over 40000 episodes to the database and am writing this article to nudge the spiders to go take a look. I can’t wait to see if I appear for “List of Dawsons Creek Episodes” in the coming weeks… lol

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Bits on the run seek test

[BOTRPlayer key=nPripu9l]

[BOTRChapter seek=0 key=yj1shGJB title="Sintel"]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.[/BOTRChapter]
[BOTRChapter seek=20 key=yj1shGJB title="+20"]Nulla facilisi. Praesent et rutrum risus. Phasellus at lacinia tortor.[/BOTRChapter]
[BOTRChapter seek=60 key=yj1shGJB title="+60"]Cras fringilla tellus sed dui gravida ut sagittis urna cursus.[/BOTRChapter]
[BOTRChapter seek=15 key=nPripu9l title="Big Buck Bunny +15"]Cras aliquet aliquam sapien in pharetra. [/BOTRChapter]

I’m currently building a shortcode plugin for word press for loading and seeking bits on the run videos.

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