Slowing down steam so that it loads after I have Wifi

I had a problem, whenever I turned my mac on Steam would tell me that I didn’t have an internet connection but immediately clicking on retry would connect successfully.

So the problem was that Steam doesn’t give the computer time to get a wifi connection or even silently retry after a second or two before notifying the user.

How to fix this?

go to Applications -> Automator

Find run Applescript

and type this script

delay 5
tell application "Steam"
end tell

Save it as StartSteam or any other name you deem suitable (I saved it in my home folder) and also be sure to save the script as an application rather than a .workflow

Now in Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items add the script and remove Steam from the list.

Now Steam will start a little later than it used to and will allow your mac to gain a wifi connection before it logs in.

Whenever you come across a site that emails you your password

You should email the administrator with a message to that effect.

I have noticed that when as user tells the site that they have forgotten their password, that the site will send the password to their email address.

This is not good practice, when your data gets compromised (one day it will) every password will be there in plain text in the database.

This is bad as come users may use that email address and password combination on other sites.

You should look into SHA-2 hashing of passwords and salting.

And rather than send the password in an email you should send a reset key.

I know that the current specification for the site may have come from someone not as security conscious who thinks that sending a password is more user friendly (although it seems it) but it is a security flaw.