City-link: a depot too far.

I’ve order a new netbook from, I’ve previously ordered goods from before, and they had arrived with parcelforce, the problem was still the delivery of the goods with was during business hours, I do have a job so could not be present for delivery.

The benefit of parcelforce is that I could arrange for the delivery to be done at my local post office, which does not seem to be an option with city-link.

The only reason I went for the purchase was the slightly convenient collect from post office facility.

No I have to collect the goods from the next city.

If you are also thinking of buying anything from I would recommend that you check to see if there’s a citylink depot near you, via this link.

On another note I’m collating info for a delivery supllier database, so if you have ordered anything with home delivery I would like to know who it was with and which supllier they used.

To ask for an alternate delivery address (ie. work): 01534 877595

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