Compelling Reasons to start using Ruby on Rails now!

Ruby on Rails as a programming environment

  • Plugin support for external logins (i.e login via facebook)
  • Activemerchant (support for merchant gateway integration into native apps with less hacking) as used in
  • Great community (stay up to date with, railscasts etc)
  • Scaffolding
  • the basic actions have the code generate for them
  • Migrations; every database change is saved in the revision control, no more asking for sql files
  • Git pulls (the live websites can pull all the changes rather than using ftp to upload, and all changes are in git no matter what)
  • gems (for example acts_as_taggable_on)

ruby is really great, everything can be done on ruby and most often than not the techniques carry on evolving unlike php scripts and libraries that haven’t changed and need shoehorning into a modern application.

Using Rails as a platform to setup of the shelf systems

Spree, a shopping cart system written in rails

Radiant CMS

  • A CMS which has a templating system similar to ExpressionEngine but much less daunting.
  • The techie bits are separate to the wordy bits (client still has all the buttons, but they are hidden away but they know it’s still there)

Refinery CMS

  • The interface is very sleek and only the client interface is visible from the back end (content and navigation)
  • the power is in the command line, it looks simple but the it has more scope which goes past the simple CMS website.


  • This is for internal use and also installation for client sites.
  • Ticketing/task system with client logins and pop3 collection.
  • Milestones
  • Burndown (estimating time left as the project goes along, with nice charts)
  • Time Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Communication (questions asked are not forgotten, conversations can be private)
  • It is very actively developed.

Others (nesta, typo, etc.)

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