Do Microsoft even have usability testers?

Have a look at this!!

It’s the age old and never changed (for good) “open with” menu.

Before Windows 7 it was even more anoying as, “choose a default program” was “let me attempt to look on the internet for 1 second to see if there’s an editor for this then tell you that I don’t know how to open it”

As you can see from my image i’ve put little suggestions, like replacing “choose a default program” with “choose a program”.

So here there should be three things they could do, “Recent apps that have opened this extention” and a tick icon for the default application to use. and if the application isn’t in the list then let me try and use an app from my program files.

Windows is riddled with anoyances left in from the old days that have never been tweaked correctly, yet they insist in changing the network settings pages but when you do want to changed something that matters you than have to delve into the old options that haven’t changed.

They should have just had a look at xp and gone through each screen and given it a 10% improvement, rather than a radical change to the interface that confuses people. smaller improvement to a system that the client knows how to use already are more welcome than radical changes, and it is generally a smooth transition in between products.

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