Finally My work is here to see

Back in September I was hired by to help out with the web design (yes, photoshop) and some backend coding of their new jobs portal system. Finally after some backend problems and two months later the fruits of my labour are for all to show.

I’m a little perplexed tho as to some of the bugs that I had noticed on the last day of my contract still being there two months after, but in general I am quite proud of my work.

Most notably what I am quite proud of in the backend would be finding out how to use RaiseBubbleEvent, delegates, and events.

I have since made leaps and bounds with services and ajax, my preference is jQuery and sometimes little “homebrew” mashups work a treat to expand ones knowledge.

Now back to just site, you will see things such as the jobsbasket, mysavedsearch, vacancyview screens, mailme and mail a friend popups. I have contributed to those, not entirely sure whether they are still mine but they were in good condition when i left them :)

What I am most happy about is being able to say that I have had full development lifecycle experience.

And what I am not to happy about is the current economic climate which made my stay only last the duration of my contract. is a great company to work with/for/etc..

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