Get ready to drop SVN, here’s GIT!! Well for tortoise users anyways!

TortoiseGIT is out! This is briliant news, as I am a GIT user when it comes to trying out the latest opensource applications.

GIT is superior to SVN, as it is a distributed source control system as opposed to a centralized one. But plenty of windows users stick to SVN because of the usefulness of TortoiseSVN.

When I create projects I usually use the command prompt to do the first update to a folder. Then I can just right click and use TortoiseSVN.

This is briliant news. I think I will try and commit my next project to GitHub, one advantage of GitHub is the ability to have private use repositories for commercial use. I might even contribute to some now.

I was seriously considering switching to Ubuntu for developing (although having to drop windows development in the process) just to have a better use of GIT and SVN through the CLI (command line interface)

In Linux the equivalent of Tortoise SVN is a nautlius plugin

I have use GIT in the CLI and it’s pretty simple though.

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