My Linux Experience (update)

I have been a linux user since 1996, this started with Slackware 2.6,

I have configured xinitrc, lilo, grub, xconfig, fstab, etc..

Then with Slackware 7 I installed Apache, PHP, MySql, I made bash files, c++ applications and perl scripts.

I then had relatively old hardware compared to the time, so I spent a lot of time reconfiguring the kernel and recompiling it.

I created fvwm configs for my machine which ran very fast compared to other window managers.

From slackware I moved on to Debian, which still involved configuring the xconf file, more recently with debian
I installed applications such a compiz, for 3D window management.

My text editors include eclipse, vim, emacs, nano or gedit.

I have made Make files, installed the LAMP stack made programs in php using mySQL.

I have configured Apache, lighttpd, nginx, php. Have used apache, lighttpd and nginx for virtual hosting.

I have programmed Ruby on Rails and set up mySQL.

I new use Ubuntu and am a competent CLI user.
I have also installed Gentoo, Sabayon and FreeBSD.

I have looked into Mono for c# development but have a preference for Python and django.

I have installed svn, used svn and cvs.

The latest example of my python can be seen at

I have remote accessed other Linux machines using ssh (including X11 redirection) and VNC.

I have used web control panels such as cpanel and the django panel.

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