Codeigniter is great!! But sometimes codeugbuter is a good enough search in google!!

Google must be doing a nearest key search in it’s search algorithm!

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Project Free TV, Again…

I have recently have bought the domain name and plan to replicate someting similar to Project Free TV. My rational is that domain name matches seem to fare pretty well in search engine result pages and the broad term “List Of Episodes” has 0.5m monthly hits on Google – the majority ending up on wikipedia pages. Searching for “List Of Episodes” on Yahoo returns the domain on the first page, which is great to see. Google however is no so easy too fool and won’t consider the site until it has built  some reputation. This comes down to SEO and backlinking. There are many theories on how to do good SEO. The onsite stuff is pretty simple – make the site structure sensible and spider friendly, use unique titles and descripton, use title and alt parameters well etc etc etc. However, this won’t give you the edge alone. What comes next is building a natural looking link profile. How? Well never pay an SEO, pay a web designer. Build a site that is relevant and quality and the backlinks will come!!!

So, that’s where you come in. To make the site relevant and quality I need feedback. I need to know what you like from similar sites? What similar sites lack? What about the design makes you want to vomit? What is working well? List Of Episodes is taking its first steps and I hope you feel you’d benefit in following its development. I have just added over 40000 episodes to the database and am writing this article to nudge the spiders to go take a look. I can’t wait to see if I appear for “List of Dawsons Creek Episodes” in the coming weeks… lol

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Bits on the run seek test

[BOTRPlayer key=nPripu9l]

[BOTRChapter seek=0 key=yj1shGJB title="Sintel"]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.[/BOTRChapter]
[BOTRChapter seek=20 key=yj1shGJB title="+20"]Nulla facilisi. Praesent et rutrum risus. Phasellus at lacinia tortor.[/BOTRChapter]
[BOTRChapter seek=60 key=yj1shGJB title="+60"]Cras fringilla tellus sed dui gravida ut sagittis urna cursus.[/BOTRChapter]
[BOTRChapter seek=15 key=nPripu9l title="Big Buck Bunny +15"]Cras aliquet aliquam sapien in pharetra. [/BOTRChapter]

I’m currently building a shortcode plugin for word press for loading and seeking bits on the run videos.

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Rails 3 Devise and mongo db

I’ve just installed the following github project onto my Ubuntu VPS.

With Ubuntu you must be aware that the version of mongodb is 1.2.2 which is incompatible with the project.

So head to and install mongodb-unstable from their repository.

I have nginx set up with passenger and it works a charm; except when theres a bug or missing gem passenger looks scary.

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A new term and new use for broadcast.

In the future the internet will replace the need for broadcast technology, people will watch on-demand episodes of family guy rather than wait for a particular scheduling time.

This will eventually mean the demise of broadcasting satellites which will no longer be needed to broadcast scheduled information to the masses.

There is one thing that has been omited from this prediction and that is sport and reality tv. Who would want to watch a match on demand if that match is any older than a day or would want to watch a reality tv show the day after when everyone at work is already talking about it.

The actual future of the internet is tied to the future of broadcast technology, that is the combining of broadcast and broadband.

A term that I have come up with is called “Broadcached”, broadcached would be a complimenting of on-demand streaming of information with broadcasting and the ultra high bandwidth of broadcasting.

Say one has a special broadband router which has a satellite connection, what the setup will now be able to to do is to poll central database of “Broadcached” data to see if the data that is a able to be streamed is due to be broadcast in the next few seconds.

Say a news report about a celebrity having an accident is being demanded by a few million users around the world, then this video will be “broadcached” inteligently and when a popularity threshold is acheived it would then be beamed to the users on mass.

This could applied to almost any information, from a google image search due to a news item sparking interest or due to a popular tv show being aired.

This would be a fairer way to do something like net neutrality, the streaming can still work yet the broadcasting networks can get involved in the “broadcache” and that would allow for more free streaming shows (for people still using single source broadband) and an extra revenue stream for broadcasting companies, for when people want a premium hi definition service.

This would also be fairer or the shows that we love, providing a fair review system that would be a lot more accurate than the neilsen system.

And we must not forget the poor little satellites that wil have been rescued from impending doom and kept for the purpose that they were originally created for.

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How to set up wildcard subdomains in the hosts file

You can’t use wildcards in the hosts file either in Linux or Windows, but you can set up a real domain that points to for example here is one that is already set up this url points to and all you need to do is get your server configuration file to handle as the domain for your apps. Now any subdomain of will go to your machine when you are testing and you can use urlrewriting to handle the subdomains differently or use routes in rails or a url config in django.

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The Linux desktop gets a massive speed boost!!

A 230 line patch to the Linux kernel now enables improved response times and great latency reductions.

The patch is called sched_autogroup_enabled and here are some youtube demos from phoronix to back this up.

Here are the two tests, the top one being the patch switched on.

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Using form_dropdown in codeigniter to populate from the database

in the controller send this:

   $data["fruits"] = $this->db->get('fruits')->result();

Now you could go and loop through each fruit and create a select form input tag and create options with a selected option like this:

    echo "<td><select id='". $fruitbasket->id ."'>";
    echo "<option value=''></option>";
    foreach($fruits $f){
        if($f->id == $fruitbasket->moldiest){
            $selected = " selected=selected ";
        } else {
            $selected = "";
        echo "<option $selected value=" . $f->id . ">" . $f->name . "</option>";
    echo "</select>";

or you could use the form_dropdown helper:

    $fruit_options = array();
    foreach($fruits as $fruit){
    echo "<td>" . form_dropdown('', $fruit_options, $fruitbasket->moldiestfruit,$fruitbasket->id) . "</td>";

The tiny bit of overhead is that codeigniter puts the result in an array of objects rather than an array of arrays which form_dropdown asks for, so the tiny loop is required to create the options variable.