What google should do next

I have been looking for a job for a month now, and have been constantly frustrated by jobs websites returning “Premium Jobs” in the search results that are nowhere near where i want to work.

One other thing is job agencies thinking it’s a good idea to put multiple locations in order to get a broader number of candidates when in fact those those may even just be fake jobs or summaries or multiple jobs put into one in order to save posting fees.

This industry is saturated with badly made websites that would rather have fancy GIF images floating around instead of returning results that are relevant. A job vacancy should only have 1 location, and I think even making job posters click on the location from a map would be the best bet.

So come on Google (or whoever is reading) make a website that is tailored to finding real jobs nearer to home, with a good search engine for jobs.

And obviously someone like Google can easy offer the same service as Monster.com (for example) but for free.

I have a project down the pipeline of using Google App Engine for a website for jobs postings. So if I am not beaten by google or someone with enough marketing clout to let the word out, I may be the first.

If anyone is reading this and thinks I wouldn’t be the first, just let me know which websites have a map view, and returns relevant result near to my home.

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