Why everything about Ruby On Rails rocks

What can be done in 15 minutes?

But I’m just a designer

redmine.org is a ticketing system built in rails

heroku.com rails deployment the easy way

tryruby.org the language itself, try the interactive tutorial, for you to make an informed decision.

Everthing you’ve ever tried doing in another language is covered on railscasts.com

checkout a sample of the available screencasts

Saving thumbnails
generating pdf documents
build ecommerce apps with payment gateway support
Allowing login from external usernames such as from twitter, facebook

as you can see the railscasts and a great reason to use ruby.

RefineryCMS: a great prebuilt cms written with rails

Check this video on vimeo for a run down on it.

RadiantCMS: another cms to chose from.

Typo this is one of the projects that has been around the longest.

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